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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who wouldn’t use coupons??

Okay, so I am just going to step up on my soapbox for a little bit….. 

Are there actually people out there that wouldn’t use a coupon to save themselves a little bit of cash – even if it were handed to them at the point of sale and they had to do nothing but hand the coupon to the cashier to save the money??

Well, I guess there are!  I have encountered two different people recently that really surprised me!

Person 1:

I was in CVS getting Huggies Diapers a few weeks ago.  I had a handful of $3/1 printables.  I knew I wasn’t going to use them all, so I offered a dad in front of me a $3/1 coupon for the Huggies he was purchasing.  I thought, man I am going to do this guy a favor and save him $3!  HE REFUSED THE COUPON!!!!  I was sort of taken back by him not taking the coupon!  Why wouldn’t you want to save yourself $3?????  I just shrugged it off thinking, he is a man in a hurry and doesn’t care about saving money.


Person 2:

We took our Birthday Girl to lunch today at McDonalds.  I had coupons (of course) and used them to purchase lunch.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an older lady waiting to place her order.  I asked her if she needed any McD’s coupons – I had a few extra!  She refused them before she even knew what they were! 

Maybe I just look like a crazy lady, attempting to control my three kids in any business establishment and use coupons at the same time.  Maybe people would rather stay clear of that insanity than to take a coupon from me when I offer to share! 

I don’t know!  Do you have any thoughts?  Have you tried to share coupons and been turned down by the potential recipient?  I would love to hear your stories, too!

Ok, stepping off my soapbox. 

Now, back to work for me!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!


Frances said…

I have given coupons to people at the checkout and in the store and they have always been welcomed with thanks.

But I know some people just won't use coupons. I guess I always "profile" people to gauge if they will accept them.

:: melissa :: said…

I tried to give the coupons away for free rice at Kroger to about 4 people and they all refused them!! who turns their nose up to free rice!??

Kimberly said…

Apparently I am in the wrong business because I would never turn down free rice!

I have given coupons to others that have been more than gracious, but lately it has been just the opposite! It is thowing me for a loop!

Tammy said…

Hi Kimberly,

I am one of those gracious people that you offered a coupon to at the Walgreens checkout. I have re-newed my couponing habit because of it. I have been paying it forward ever since. You are a kind person and I am glad that I met you.

My take on coupons is, "Why give away money, when I have a coupon!!" If a company is willing to pay for or reduce the price of its product, I'm not going to give them our hard earned cash. We are not in debt and are living the good life.

As for the people that turned you down, they are probably not use to people being nice without a catch. Too bad for them…that $3 could have bought juice or milk.

Love your site,

Anonymous said…

People amaze me everyday.

Linda S. said…

I've had positive results when handing out coupons, and often this generates a conversation about couponing, and my comment is usually "coupons are money." Why wouldn't you use free money to buy what you need?

Nicole said…

Heh my husband picked a fight with me this past weekend over coupons! He's not quite on the same page with me about this. We went to Target to snag Eggo waffles for under a buck with coupons and had to do two transactions because it was one coupon per purchase. He was really annoyed at me that he had to purchase something with a coupon! It didn't help I had to spend a couple minutes explaining my buy something Scrubbing Bubbles, get something different (more expensive) for free coupon to the checkout lady, who had to get her manager to do a cash register override in order to get the deal. I don't know why my husband is so embarrassed by coupons. I think once the baby comes he'll appreciate my money saving efforts more. (I hope!)

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