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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rolling RRs at Walgreens!

Ok, so several readers have asked for lessons on how to ROLL Register Rewards at Walgreens.
I have decided to make a little project out of it for myself.
GOAL 1:  To track the life of a RR!
GOAL 2:  To track the OOP required to ROLL RRs
GOAL 3:   To teach readers how to Roll RRs through accomplishing Goals 1 & 2!
I have been contemplating how to do this project!
I have $48 in RRs right now.
I guess I should really start the project FRESH – using just OOP to build my RRs – to be able to get actual numbers fresh from the start!
Would you be interested in following this project? 
Do you think I should begin the project with ZERO RRs OR should I start with the $48 I have?
Do you think it would be helpful to you?
Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!
May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!


Anonymous said…

I think that would be fun! I think it should start fresh with 0 register rewards. Thanks, can’t wait to see.

London said…

Fresh start so we can follow along!

Super Coupon Mom said…

Fresh start so we can all keep up. I can’t wait to see how well you do.

Kimberly said…

OK! I did my first run for my project this am! We will see where it goes from there! Thanks, you guys, for commenting!

Brenda Renea said…

I like this idea as well. I kind of did this same thing when I first started RR so I could show family how I was saving.

:: melissa :: said…

either way.. i just get confused on what is the best way to roll them and get the most for my money. I get so nervous when they are coming up on the expiration date that i just spend them on stuff i need and end up not getting rr’s back… thats sometimes frustrating.

fivebees said…

I would love to follow your demonstration. I would like to see you start with 0 RRs. I keep losing out in my CVS attempts bc of not reading the fine print and bc they are always out of the hot items. So I am looking forward to reading your Walgreens tips bc I just started using RRs. Love your site! Thank you!

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