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Friday, February 5, 2010

Kroger Mega Deal Run (2nd Trip)

OK!  After the first round of the Mega Deal this past weekend, I couldn’t wait to go back for more!  This was my run last night.  So much it wouldn’t fit on the table.

Before you say, “Man is this woman feeding an army OR is she just totally CRAZY.” Just wait! 

The way I shop is this:  I buy what is VERY inexpensive / FREE at the time it is just that!  So, you might see 4 Velveeta Cheese logs and wonder how we eat all of it.  Well, first, they don’t expire until August.  Second, after couponing for over a year, I know how rare it is to get a good price on this product.  This time, I had a coupon for $1.50/ground beef WYB Velveeta and 2 Rotel and a $1/1 Velveeta.  So, it was a good deal to me!

Butter freezes – so since it was free, we have a ton now!  So, we won’t have to pay for butter again – hoping (knowing) it will go FREE again by the time we need more!

It is all about the cycle.  If you get what you need when it is inexpensive / free in an amount that will last you at least 12 weeks, you should be able to catch the next deal that would make the product inexpensive / FREE!  Thus, extremely lowering your OOP in the grocery department.

No, we don’t just drink Pepsi every night.  This amount of Pepsi will last us 15 weeks.  It was $.04/ea – definitely a stock up price for us!  We usually like to drink it with a pizza dinner on Friday or Saturday night!

And, I promise we eat fruits and veggies.  But, on this trip, they didn’t work into my plan!  I will head back out to do that kind of shopping this weekend, as we need both fruits and fresh veggies!

Oh, goodness, I almost forgot the important part!  My total OOP was just over $18.  I used my catalinas from Pillsbury to pay for most of my purchases – thus lowering my OOP for this trip!

And!  Rebates!  I have completed my purchases for the Kraft $20 Rebate AND the $3 Miller Lite Rebate – So, I will be getting back $23 for this trip in REBATES!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!


Frances said…

Ho…ly….cow! You got some great deals. Wish I could do this, but my Kroger only doubles/triples one like coupon and will only accept 3 like coupons per transaction. I can't make a ton of trips, so my deals look like a tiny portion of yours. Still, a good deals are good deals.

We need some Velveeta. LOL!

Kimberly said…

Frances – I hate to shop at Randalls b/c they only dbl one like coupon per transaction. My Kroger will d/t up to three like coupons per transaction. I did 7 transactions last night. Obviously, I left after the kids went to bed! Thanks for taking a peek!

Alex H said…

Wow! that is very impressive! I got your blog from Stephanie- Zoeys mom who told me that you could have extra rebate forms for Rotel & Hunt. I am ready to paypal you the postage. If you have an extra form,can you please mail me one?

Kimberly said…

Alex – email me at kimberly at wiebergmarketing dot com and we will work it out! Thanks, Kimberly


Kim, are you sure they are dbl/trpl at our Kroger's 3 @ a time? I was told Sunday that they have changed it to 1 ea about a month ago. I was not about to rearrange my items after they had rung them up.. I would ahve 10+ transacations…

Kimberly said…

Anne, all my coupons are dbl/trp three per transactions. Some stores are changing to that — but the two I shop most often have not. THANK GOODNESS!!


The one @ Fry & I10 told me when I was checking out that they did and I did not see that on my receipt… Let's hope they stay with the 3!!

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