I got this with my SWAGBUCKS!

I love to get new Kitchen Gadgets!

Tami told me about the great price of $62.99 for this AWESOME gadget!  I checked it out today!  My husband and I combined our Amazon e-gift cards from SWAGBUCKS to purchase this product from AMAZON.  We paid a total of $22 (after taxes, $40 in SWAGBUCKS e-gift cards for Amazon, etc.)

Then, the FABULOUS thing is this $20 REBATE FORM!  We will get $20 back for our purchase!

So, let’s do the math!  This CUISINART gadget will cost me $2 OOP once we get the rebate back!

Thanks, DH, for being so kind to share your SWAGBUCKS Amazon e-cards with me!


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