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Monday, June 21, 2010

Dave….this is really hard…

Dave RamseyOk, we are on month three of the Dave Ramsey plan.  And, it is HARD.  I use cash probably 95% of the time.  He is totally right, it is harder to part with cash.  And, when it gets low you notice immediately.  I am using his handy dandy little pocketbook to keep my cash for my different envelopes.  I only carry around the GROCERY envelope money and the BLOW MONEY envelope – the others we manage from the house. 

Month 1:  I spent $143 of $150 budget for Groceries.

Month 2:  I ran out of cash quickly (about 1/2 way into the month) and didn’t keep track of my expenses as I should have!  It takes a lot of persistence!  And, I guess I ran out of that real quick!

Month 3 (this month):  Both my blow money and grocery money are all gone! (as of June 21)

Ok, so I either have to raise my budget OR limit my spending even more! 

Next month I plan to be better at keeping track of the cash – where it is spent and how much.  I hope to be able to keep at my budgeted amount for groceries and blow money…….we will see!

Just wanted to share my lack of progress with you all!  :)  We have managed to eat away at our debt significantly!  We are so excited about that!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!


Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said…

go SNOWBALL GO!!!!! Good luck Kim, we too are doing the snowball(but I still cannot do the cash thing, that is one point I disagree with Dave on- oh that and the cheapest debt first, don't get me started on interest rates and savings deltas****math nerd alert :P)

Anonymous said…

Here is a suggestion I did that help me with our budget. For one month, I keep a pocket calendar in my purse and wrote down everything I spent then added it up at the end of the month. I was STOCK that I was spending over $500 a month eating out and that was using coupons and buying kids meals. Those sodas and snacks add up quickly. I put a cooler with ice, water, and soda in the car. Now a bottle of water cost me 2 cents with my coupon instead of $1.00 at the store. Little things like that cut my budget down.

Anonymous said…

THe reason behind the smallest debt first is to keep your enthusiasm going. Dave acknowledges that is not that the "cheapest way" but for most people that need to see results quicker .. it has a more profound effect for them … you have to figure out what is better for you to succeed.

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