Banning Target at Fry Rd and I-10

I think I might have joined Brandy in her Target banning crusade!

If you know me, you know that I am a pretty low key personality. I don’t get mad a lot, I don’t throw things in frustration, I am pretty easy going. And, I am sure that you can tell from my previous posts on my blog – that I usually sum my point up fairly quickly – typing as little as possible! But today, a manager at the Target at Fry Rd and I-10 frustrated me so very much that I am still mad about it!

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Please see the letter below:

Dear Target Guest Relations:

I am writing to inform you of a store experience that I encountered this morning at my local Target store in Houston/Katy, Texas on Fry Road & I-10. First, I must tell you that I am a regular Target customer. I shop at the Target nearest my home at a minimum of 4 times per month with my average spend of about $100 each trip. I really like your stores, product offering, and policies.

This year, I began using coupons. I have found that it is a great way to make my dollar stretch a bit further during the current economic situation. I must say, that most of the time, I do not have any problem with using coupons in your store. I have researched your coupon policy and plan my shopping trip with your coupon policies in mind.

Today, I attempted to use the attached coupon to purchase a trial size tube of Banana Boat Sunscreen (price is $.99). I was excited because in addition to my full sized bottles of Banana Boat Sunscreen – these would be great to throw in the diaper bag to have with me on a daily basis for when I need them – and not have them take up so much room in the diaper bag! Before heading to the register, I confirmed that the coupon did not exclude trial sizes – which it does not. When I approached the register, the cashier scanned the coupon, and the register beeped. I thought it might have been because the item is $.99 and the product is $1. Being an avid couponer, I know that the amount of the coupon can be adjusted down to the price of the product in order to eliminate any overages. She immediately took the coupon and the product to the guest relations counter. The manager came to the register and informed me that they couldn’t accept the coupon because the item that I was purchasing wasn’t pictured on the coupon. I tried to show the manager the verbiage on the coupon stating, “On your purchase of any (1) Banana Boat Suncare product (excluding lip balm).” She continued to reject the coupon because my item wasn’t pictured. I attempted to tell her that the picture shows a representation of the product – that it doesn’t limit the coupon to be used on those exact bottles.

I was a bit frustrated, knowing that I had done everything in a manner that was ethical and that reflected Target’s coupon policy and the guidelines on the coupon. So, I asked for the phone number to guest relations. On my way out, I dialed the number and spoke with a lady that was very helpful. She told me that it is the discretion of the store team to adjust the coupon down to $.99 to eliminate overage. She also told me that in the event this ever occurs again, that I should head to guest relations and ask them to call corporate guest relations to help resolve any questions.

I was so frustrated that I finished a trip to Lowe’s (right next door) and headed right back to Target with my reference number from my call. To better explain my level of frustration – I did all of this with a 3 year old and a 10 month old at my side. The manager that I had worked with on my first trip continued to assist me. I asked her to call Guest Relations in order to resolve this issue. She called, and in my opinion didn’t explain the coupon correctly to the person at Guest Relations. (Thus, I am attaching a scanned copy of the coupon for your reference.) The manager handed the phone to me and the Guest Relations team member explained to me that she needed to support the manager’s decision not to take the coupon.

At this point, it isn’t about the product anymore – although I would love to have it – it is about this lady deciding personally that she wasn’t about to take the coupon from me. This Target store has lost my business. I will take my Target shopping to another Target store – only because I like the store too much to ban it from my shopping totally. I will also share this experience with my friends and post this experience on my coupon blog that receives daily traffic for people looking for good deals.

Please contact me regarding your coupon policy and how I can be more educated to understand the policy and how it relates with my shopping trip.

Signed an extremely dissatisfied Target coupon user,

Kimberly Wieberg

kimberly at wiebergmarketing dot com


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