ATTN: HOUSTON READERS: 50% off @ Randalls

The Randalls Store located at 9503 Jones Road is CLOSING its doors.  They have announced 50% OFF of everything in THAT PARTICULAR store.  NO EXCLUSIONS!!  (thanks to a very special friend for telling me about this!)  This just started at 8am Wednesday.  They said they will be restocking tonight for business tomorrow!

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So, as an avid couponer, I had to venture out.  And, I really didn’t want to do it with three kids in tow.  So…..I headed out after they went to sleep tonight.


I really didn’t have a chance to prepare.  All I did was load everything I could onto my Randalls card (cellfire & shortcuts).  And, I took all of my hanging file folders of coupons and popped them into a rubbermaid hanging file folder container.  And, off I went!


I arrived to the store and there were no carts to be had.  (PS.  My coupon container weighed about 40 lbs).  I carried it around the store until I finally got smart and asked two nice ladies that were checking out if I could help them to their car so that I would be able to snag their cart when they were finished!

Then, I was ready.  For the craziness!!

For those of you who shopped SUPER DOUBLES……ummmmm… was about twice as bad as that…..lines, people……YIKES!


As I say, I didn’t have much time to prepare for the event…, I went in thinking I would for sure grab what I knew would be FREE:  Nature Valley Nut Clusters ($3.50 catalina deal + printable + cellfire), GLADE Candles (using blinkie coupons for FREE refills and $1.50/1 for FREE candles).

In addition to FREE items, I was also hunting for items that I didn’t have a stockpile of….and ones that I hadn’t been able to score for FREE since I began couponing over a year ago:  Playtex Tampons, Olive Oil, Cooking Spray, to name a few……


There were some VERY friendly people I met while I was there.  One informed me of the Catalina deal with the BC Fruit Snacks.   Pairing the $1.50 Catalina deal with my loadable coupons made it a pretty good deal – I wish I would have had my printable coupons for those!

Another reminded me of the 200 Calorie DiGiorno coupon I had printed today! (thanks jane4girls)  That made for FREE pizza!  YIPPEE!

Another ran to get Olive Oil as I clipped coupons when we were getting close to the cashier!

It was so much fun meeting everyone who was shopping!  Such nice people!


So, here are all my goodies!


TOTAL OOP:  $38.55


GRAND TOTAL:  $31.55

FUN FACTS:  I bought 99 items.  I saved 91% ($315.97)


*$10 WYB 10 Kelloggs products in 1 transaction (from calendar rebate form)

*$20 Kraft/Nabisco BTS Rebate WYB 10 cookies/crackers, 5 easy macs, and 5 capri suns  (I bought 2 capris to help me toward that rebate) (from BTS coupon booklet)

$15 ($5 Rebate X 3 per household) WYB 5 SC Johnson Products (GLADE CANDLES)


(your welcome DH) – $2.50/12pack (that was $10 of my OOP!)


1 package of 2 NUK pacifiers!  I was so excited to show DH that I had purchased them, I forgot to add them to the picture!  Our youngest has decided his favorite pacifier was a NUK the girls had for their babies.  It was PINK.  I believe REAL men wear pink, Daddy didn’t agree!  So, our little one now has two very MANLY pacifiers!

As you can see…..I spent nearly $40 and have products to fully qualify for two great rebates that total $25!

It was a great time!  I am glad I ventured out to check it out!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

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