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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Journal Jars

I am encouraging Aubrey to write in her journal each day after we finish school.  Silly me, I thought she would just let the words pour out of her little head and onto the paper.  Instead, she wanted to draw pictures!  I searched online for ways to encourage young kids to journal – to transfer their thoughts onto paper. 

I found this idea over at MAKE and TAKES.  (I love that blog, by the way!)

We had two friends over today, so each of the four girls made a Journal Jar.  I am still debating what to put into Addison’s.  She is only 4, so I need to keep it simple! 

Here are some pictures of what ours ended up looking like…..  Head over to Make and Takes to see all the ‘how tos’!




$50 GAP gift card for $25!

Groupon is offering a $50 GAP gift card today for $25!  WHOA!  What a deal!

Hurry – there are only 350 showing available!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Great Article on Coupon Use!

I just read this great article over at Krazy Coupon Lady!

It has a lot of data on coupon use that is very interesting!

Go check the article out! 

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Knowing When To Say When!

Ok, everyone.  I have been juggling a lot of things recently, and haven’t posted a bunch.  So, I thought I would tell you why, just in case you wanted to know!

Our family has made the decision to homeschool.  The month of July I spent preparing for the change.  August 2nd, we started school!  This is a huge endeavor that I really need to focus on.

So, while I might be going out to get a few deals here and there, I haven’t been shopping REALLY extremely.  And, if I have time to do the shops, I haven’t yet found the time to post about them!

I will still have this blog, and will post some frugal goodies from time to time.  But, RIGHT NOW, it won’t be the spot to come for the lastest hot deals!

In my blogroll are a lot of my favorite blogs to follow. 

PS.  last night I went to Walmart and got FREE Super Sticky Post notes using THIS coupon :)  At my Walmart they were in a huge cardboard bin right in front of the store. 

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Girls’ Nike Flip Flop $5.99 shipped!

How cute is this shoe!  I wish they had it in my size.  But, they didn’t, so our 4 year old is the lucky girl tonight!  She has recently changed her favorite color (to my dismay) from YELLOW to PINK.  Is that a sign of her growing up?

Anyway, here is the deal:

Use PROMO code TEN2YOU at to receive $10 off of a $10 or more purchase. 

SHOES SHIP FREE (I might have been dreaming, but I think I saw that Shoes Ship FREE through Sept 8th – other blogs are reporting it was only today)! 

Anyway, cute shoe.  Great price.  How could it get any better?

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

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