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Saturday, February 27, 2010

$.75/1 Pepperidge Farms GOLDFISH Printable

Yippee!  A rare coupon for GOLDFISH!  A while back, these were $.88 each at both Randalls and Kroger!  So, be sure to print and hold onto it!  If you need them now – go get them!  With the coupon they would still be a great price!  I will be holding onto them waiting for a sale!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Swagalicious! Swagbucks!

Search & Win

Hint Hint……  If you just received an email from Swagbucks, you might wanna look at the bottom of that email.  There is a code that earns you 10 SBs!
May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

SWAGBUCKS – You Don’t Wanna Miss This Party!

Swagbucks is TWO today!  And they are having a huge celebration!  Swagbucks are flying out left and right! 

Swagbucks has given me a code to share with Just Frugalicious Readers!  If you aren’t signed up for Swagbucks, you have the opportunity to earn 60 SBs by just signing up. 

(It is important to note that SWAGBUCKS has done split in their SBs.  For every ONE SB you had – today you have 100.  And, their prize prices have split accordingly as well.) 

The code below will be active from Feb 25th at 6am thru March 4th at 6am!

So, for anyone who doesn’t have a SWAGBUCKS account – head on over to Swagbucks and sign up!  Be sure to enter the code below to earn your 60 FREE SWAGBUCKS!


The party doesn’t stop there!  There will be A LOT of Swag Code giveaways through the Swagbucks blog, twitter, and facebook so all existing registered users will have the opportunity to earn free bucks.   

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cellfire will reload coupons tomorrow!

Tonight, be sure to head out to Cellfire to load any remaining e-coupons to your shopper cards. 

Tomorrow there will be a whole new round of coupons to choose from!  You want to be sure to load any remaining to your cards, so you don’t lose the opportunity to have them!

And, remember, at Randalls, if you have multiple loadables of ONE item – they will all come off with the purchase of ONE item.  This is a great opportunity to save even more!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Walgreens Rolling Rewards Project

Today I rolled my 2 remaining $3 RR (from Huggies Deals last week) into the Fusion Razor Deal.

Transaction #1

ITEM PRICE Coupon Used Total OOP RR Earned
Gillette Fusion Power Razor $8.99 $4/1 – 2/7 P&G $4.99 $4
Russell Stover Vday Heart Candy $.25 none $.25 0

Transaction Total:  $5.42

Payment:  $3 RR + $2.42 Cash

After RR Costs:  $1.42

Transaction #2

ITEM PRICE Coupon used Total OOP RR Earned
4-Right Guard 2.8oz $.99 (used raincheck) – register auto deducted 2 – $.99 b/c of B1G1 sale this week 1 – $2/2 IP $0 0
Gillette Fusion Power Razor $8.99 $4/1 – 2/7 P&G $4.99 $4
Vday Temporary Tattoos $.25 none $.25 0

Transaction Total:  $5.40

Payment:  $3 RR + $2.40 Cash

After RR Costs:  $1.40

Now, I have 2 – $4 RR from the Gillette Fusion Deal.  I need to figure out what we ‘need’ and what I can roll that $8 into!

And, the Razors were added into my tally for the P&G Year of Savings coupon booklet!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Good Week for Sunday Paper Inserts!

If you haven’t taken a peek at what coupons will be in today’s paper, you can head HERE to view the list.  Remember, that these lists are usually regional, so be sure to check your actual hometown paper if you want to be sure a particular coupon is in the inserts.

There will be three inserts today:  P&G, Red Plum, and Smart Source.

There are a bunch of great coupons:  $.50/1 Chocolate Cheerios, B1G1 Free Purex, and many more!  Take a peek at the list to see what others are in the inserts!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

FREE Busy Mom’s Bible for first 5000!

busy mom's Bible

CLICK HERE to register to receive a FREE copy of The Busy Mom’s Bible!  To qualify, you must be one of the first 5,000, register with them, and upload a picture of you and your family.  Then, they request you give a little review of the product once you have spent a little time with it!  Once you complete the review, you are registered to win a ‘personal assistant service’.  I am not quite sure what that will entail, but it sounds really nice! 

What a GREAT offer! 

I just registered, and it appeared that is was still available!

So, head on over to Busy Mom’s Bible and register to get your FREE copy! 

(thanks Southern Savers!)

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Friday, February 19, 2010

$100 P&G A Year of Savings Booklet

I blogged about this great P&G Savings booklet the other day.  When I wrote the blog, there was no link to the FORM to submit to P&G for the Coupon Booklet.

Well, now it is here!

I will keep an eye out for any other great bargains that you can use towards this Savings Booklet Offer.

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New SmartSource Coupons

There are several new SmartSource coupons out there that will make some great deals for you either now, or in the near future!

$1/1 Johnson’s Baby Product

This will make BUDDY BARS free or close to it at most retailers.

$2/2 Right Guard Products

Print and hold on to this one.  Often these go on sale!  I have a raincheck for these for $.99 at Walgreens!  I will be printing and using my raincheck for these!  It will make them FREE.

The below coupons are usually matched up via Cellfire or Shortcuts (or both) loadable coupons.  So, it is nice to have the paper coupons to match up with the loadable ones – this doubles your savings!

$.40/1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

$.50/1 Betty Crocker Box Muffin Mix or Fiber One Box Muffin Mix

$.50/1 Chex Mix

There are a bunch of Pillsbury and other Betty Crocker coupons available at SmartSource. 

Take a peek through them and print what you think you will use!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Giving Back to a Great Cause.

Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure

First, a warning: this is totally off of the subject of my blog. But, I felt that I needed to spread the word – and thought it might be a good way to get a reminder out to my readers and help a fabulous cause in the process.

Recently I found out that a mentor of mine has been diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer.  Finding this out reminded me that none of us are invincible.  

Kristen is participating in 3-Day For the Cure in August.  Please take a peek at her fundraising page for her story.  And, if you find you are able, please support her cause.  She has set a high fundraising goal for herself ($10,000), and I am sure she would be grateful for whatever you could do to support the goal!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great Staples Deals!

There are some great deals at Staples this week when you pair up the Staples Easy Rebates and Ebates 4% back offer.

Sharp EL611PA Printing Calculator $14.99
$14.99 Easy Rebate (limit 2)
Final cost FREE!

HP Everyday 8.5×11 Photo Paper, 50/pack $9.99

$8.99 Easy Rebate (limit 2)
Final cost ONLY $1!

Staples Multipurpose Paper, 500 sheet ream, 96 bright $6.49

$1.50 instant savings at checkout
$2.99 Easy Rebate (limit 2)
Final cost $2!

Seeing that we are on our last ream of paper (boy we print a lot of coupons) we might need to take advantage of this great deal!

Head on over to Jane4girls $800 Annual Budget to find out all the details! 

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Olay, Venus, Gillette Deal at Target Gets Even Better!

To add to the great deal at Target on OLAY & P&G Products, P&G has a coupon booklet for you when you purchase $50 worth of P&G Products by April 15th!  They do this coupon booklet each year, and I will assure you that it is packed with GREAT coupons!

To received the P&G Year of Savings Coupon Booklet:

  • Purchase $50 worth of P&G products between February 1st and April 15th, 2010. (This is before tax and before coupons!)
  • Circle the P&G products on your original receipt(s).
  • Mail the form (coming soon!) and your original receipts to:
    • P&G Year of Savings
      Dept. M, P.O. Box 460643
      El Paso, TX 88546-0643
  • Your coupon booklet will arrived to your mailing address within 6-8 weeks!

More details on the booklet offer will be in the February 21st P&G coupon insert.  So, for now, just do as I have listed in the NOTE below – so you will be ready to go when we get additional details!

NOTE:  When you do your Olay/Fusion/Venus deal at Target – ask for a duplicate receipt.  This must be done immediately after your first receipt prints – otherwise, it will be too late!  Then, you can use one for the OLAY REBATE and one for the P&G Coupon Booklet offer!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’

Saturday, February 13, 2010

NEW Olay $15 Rebate!

CLICK HERE to download the new OLAY Rebate Form.

To get a great deal, you can clip your coupons and head to Target!

Head on over to Passion For Savings for two great scenarios to combine this Rebate with a promotion that Target is running this week!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walgreens Run – Rolling RRs / More Huggies

Well, I ran to Walgreens before my daughter’s Valentine’s Party this week to pick up a few extra goodies for the goodie bags I was in charge of……
Here is what I got:
ITEMPRICECoupon UsedTotal OOPRR Earned
4 – Halls Cough Drops$1.99 ea2 – B1G1 Tearpad PLUS 1 – $1/2 MQ PLUS $.99 in ad coupon$.98NONE
6 – Disney Activity Pads$.50 eain ad coupon$2.00NONE
Huggies Little Movers$8.991 – $2/1 MQ PLUS $1/1 Wags Coloring Book Coupon$5.99$3
RR Used$8.00 – $2 – from polident AND $6 from Dove Men’s Body Wash
Total Cash Spent$.97

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Monday, February 8, 2010

CELLFIRE: What I just did.

I just loaded all remaining coupons onto my shopper cards.  First, I started with Randalls – because I know at Randalls, when there are duplicate loadables for a specific product, all will come off with the purchase of just ONE of that item.

Then, I loaded whatever was left under Kroger onto my Kroger card.

Now, we wait until Cellfire reloads tomorrow morning.

So, be sure to go out to Cellfire tonight and load them onto your cards!  Then, head back tomorrow to find out what the new loadables are at Cellfire!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

My Walgreens Rolling RR Project BEGINS!

ITEM PRICE Coupon UsedTotal OOPRR Earned
Huggies$8.99$2/1 IP* $6.99$3.00
Dove Mens Body Wash$5.99$1.25 MQ 1/31 RP$4.74$6.00
Super Poligrip$2.00$1.50 IP

OR $1/1 from 1/3 RP




$13.34 (tax is added)

OK, so now I have $11 in RRs after paying $13.34 OOP.
I plan on rolling them again this week, so be sure to check back on my progress!
NOTE on Huggies:  *PLUS if you have the Wags Coloring Book, you can use the $1/1 Wags coupon.  I didn’t have it with me for this transaction.
May your day be ‘just frugalicious’

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rolling RRs at Walgreens!

Ok, so several readers have asked for lessons on how to ROLL Register Rewards at Walgreens.
I have decided to make a little project out of it for myself.
GOAL 1:  To track the life of a RR!
GOAL 2:  To track the OOP required to ROLL RRs
GOAL 3:   To teach readers how to Roll RRs through accomplishing Goals 1 & 2!
I have been contemplating how to do this project!
I have $48 in RRs right now.
I guess I should really start the project FRESH – using just OOP to build my RRs – to be able to get actual numbers fresh from the start!
Would you be interested in following this project? 
Do you think I should begin the project with ZERO RRs OR should I start with the $48 I have?
Do you think it would be helpful to you?
Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!
May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Dove Men’s Deal at Kroger / Also at Wags tomorrow!

OOPS!  Apparently the coupon is for the 4-Bar Pack, the ones on Kroger Mega Sale are 2-Bar Packs!  Get the body wash at Walgreens!  It is fabulous!  My DH used it this am, and the Master Bath and Master Bedroom smelled so FRESH after his shower!

Dove’s Men body and face bars are in the Kroger deal for $1.99 after you purchase 10 participating Mega Deal items…

The coupons that were printable and in the newspaper last week were for 1.75 off so that makes them .24. 

Each package comes with 2 bars.   

Dove products are some of my FAVES!  So, I will definitely be adding these to my shopping trip tomorrow!

PS – the body washes are also available for better than FREE tomorrow ($5.99 use $1.25 MQ, receive $5.99 RR) at Walgreens — but, if you need cheap fillers for the mega deal, you might want to consider using your coupons at Kroger instead of Walgreens!  Take your pick, regardless, it is great product!  YIPPEE!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Blinkies, Blinkies!

Celestial seasonings tea $1/2 exp 3/7/10
Curly’s pulled BBQ $1/1 exp 4/30/10
Dial for men body wash $1/1 exp 3/31/10
Egg beaters .65/2 exp 3/31/10
Eggbeaters .35/1 exp 3/31/10
Garnier Herbashine hair color $1/1 exp 2/28/10 tearpad
Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-lift product exp 5/1/10 tearpad
Johnson & Johnson $1/1 (shows red cross) products exp 5/31/10
Keebler town house crackers $1/2 (11.7oz or larger, mix or match, any flavor) exp 3/6/10
Kleenex .55/any 3 facial tissues or any 1 bundle pack of kleenex facial tissue exp 4/24/10
Kleenex .50/any 3 facial tissues or any 1 bundle pack of kleenex facial tissue exp 4/24/10
Keebler $1/2 chips deluxe cookies (14.5 or larger, mix or match, any flavor) exp 3/6/10
Kellogg’s $1/2 Frootloops, Applejacks and/or Cornpops cereal (10oz or larger) exp 3/6/10
Kraft $1/1 package of Kraft deli deluxe cheese exp 3/31/10
Kraft $1/2 packages of Kraft or Cracker Barrel natural cheese (shreds or chunks) exp 3/31/10
LaChoy creations (any variety) $1/1 exp 3/31/10
Land O’ lakes eggs .50/1 exp 4/28/10
Pedigree dry food for dogs $1/1 any size bag exp 3/7/10
Pedigree dentastix $1/1 exp 3/29/10
Red Baron .75/1 any red baron pizza product exp 5/6/10
Sadler’s dinner for 2 (any variety) $1/1 exp 3/6/10
Scott extra soft bath tissue .75/two 4pks or one 6pk or larger exp 4/10/10
Smart balance sour cream .55/1 exp 4/15/10
Scott .75/2 or more naturals moist wipes tubs or refills exp 4/10/10
Scott .75/4 or more rolls of scott paper towels long lasting rolls or mega rolls exp 4/10/10
Softsheen-Carson products $1/1 exp 3/31/10
Silk half gallon (64oz) .55/1 exp 3/31/10

A special thanks to A PROVERBS WIFE for the list! 

Similac Savings for Moms!

Are you expecting a little one?  Head on over to, sign up and register to receive up to $329 in offers! 

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Kroger Mega Deal Run (2nd Trip)

OK!  After the first round of the Mega Deal this past weekend, I couldn’t wait to go back for more!  This was my run last night.  So much it wouldn’t fit on the table.

Before you say, “Man is this woman feeding an army OR is she just totally CRAZY.” Just wait! 

The way I shop is this:  I buy what is VERY inexpensive / FREE at the time it is just that!  So, you might see 4 Velveeta Cheese logs and wonder how we eat all of it.  Well, first, they don’t expire until August.  Second, after couponing for over a year, I know how rare it is to get a good price on this product.  This time, I had a coupon for $1.50/ground beef WYB Velveeta and 2 Rotel and a $1/1 Velveeta.  So, it was a good deal to me!

Butter freezes – so since it was free, we have a ton now!  So, we won’t have to pay for butter again – hoping (knowing) it will go FREE again by the time we need more!

It is all about the cycle.  If you get what you need when it is inexpensive / free in an amount that will last you at least 12 weeks, you should be able to catch the next deal that would make the product inexpensive / FREE!  Thus, extremely lowering your OOP in the grocery department.

No, we don’t just drink Pepsi every night.  This amount of Pepsi will last us 15 weeks.  It was $.04/ea – definitely a stock up price for us!  We usually like to drink it with a pizza dinner on Friday or Saturday night!

And, I promise we eat fruits and veggies.  But, on this trip, they didn’t work into my plan!  I will head back out to do that kind of shopping this weekend, as we need both fruits and fresh veggies!

Oh, goodness, I almost forgot the important part!  My total OOP was just over $18.  I used my catalinas from Pillsbury to pay for most of my purchases – thus lowering my OOP for this trip!

And!  Rebates!  I have completed my purchases for the Kraft $20 Rebate AND the $3 Miller Lite Rebate – So, I will be getting back $23 for this trip in REBATES!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Waiting Patiently….

I ordered some Rotel coupons from Ebay the other day!  I am waiting patiently for their arrival!  As soon as they arrive, I will complete my Kroger Mega Deal Shopping Trip!

I hope they come today!

I will post my trip details when I finish the trip!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!

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