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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Red Plum / SmartSource / P&G Preview for 5/3

Common Sense with Money has created this list as a preview for this weekend’s Sunday Paper Inserts.  Use this list to plan your Sunday paper needs!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Yesterday I was on location in Spring, TX photographing a preschool’s pre-k graduates.  I worked from 7am until about 10:30am.  Then, I was at a stopping point, waiting for a little one to arrive back from his AM school.  I was told he would be back at 12.  So, I looked at my phone for the time, and was so excited that I had extra time to go shop the Walgreens that sat on the lot merely steps away from where I was!!  YIPPEE!

My rejoicing was mainly because I was doing a shopping trip in the middle of the day with NO KIDS!  I say in the middle of the day, because often I venture out after they go to bed so I can make quick stops.  But, I usually feel rushed when I do that – because I have to get to bed, too!!

Anyway, I entered that Walgreens with glee.  No one strapped on me, no one wanting something that I didn’t have a coupon for, no one fighting, hitting, screaming!  I was in paradise – at least for a while!  Hey, you take what you can get, right??

I shopped every aisle.  I knew there had been lots of recent markdowns that had potential match ups with coupons – to make them either free OR really cheap!  I was excited.

I found some great values that matched up with my coupons.  In particularly, the boys won in this shopping trip!  As you can see, K-Y was clearanced and it matched up with my $5 & $3 coupons that I had!  This produced overages and the coupons weren’t adjusted down.  I now have enough K-Y to coat a third world country!  Seriously, I kept some, and gave some to friends!  It was funny – and DH was proud!

I love receipts that look like that!

May your day be just frugalicious!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Insight on TARGET pricing

CLICK HERE to get a little insight on Target pricing.  It tells you a bit about deciphering the price tickets.  Just a little insight – thought it might be interesting, if nothing else!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’

I found a great BLOG!

I have been peeking around at blogs and happened upon this one the other day.  I wanted to share it – because I think she has a lot of great things to say!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’

Monday, April 27, 2009

Randall’s Living Well Scenario

Ok, if you haven’t done the current Randall’s promotion, you are definitely missing some great deals….  I have been purchasing extra papers in order to get more coupons.  Just remember you don’t have to purchase as many as I have listed below to make it a great deal.  You can do whatever qtys you need or have coupons for…..just remember to get to $30 in your transaction to qualify for the $10 Catalina for the promotion!

Here are some of the items I have taken advantage of:

Smart Balance Oil – these are on sale for 2/$6.  I had $1/1 coupons from previous inserts.  I bought 10 to get to my $30.  I had $10 worth of coupons – which made my total $20.  I had a $10 catalina from my previous Living Well trip – which make my total $10.  I paid with cash and got a $10 catalina back.  $1 each is pretty good on that oil!

Ozarka Water – these are on sale for $1.99 each (it is the pop top bottle – I think it is a 6 or 8 pack)  I’ve been buying them two at a time as fillers to get to my $30 total.  Each time I buy two, a $1/2 catalina prints AND a $2 catalina OYNO also prints!

Hefty Trash Bags – these are on sale for $5.99.  I have a $1/1 coupon from a Sunday insert.  There is an 80ct box included in the sale.  If you find that one, I think it is a pretty good price.  If you were to buy 5 boxes (I haven’t done this yet) + a tiny filler (I’ve been using SOBE waters for this – they are $1 each and I have B1G1 coupons) to get to your $30.  Here is the rough math:  $5.99 X 5 = $29.95 plus $1 for your SOBE water = $30.95.  Less 5 – $1/1 coupons = $25.95.  Less $10 catalina from previous deal = $15.95.  (That is about $.04 per bag).  Then, you would get your $10 catalina back!

Electrosol Dishwasher Tabs – these are on sale for $3.99 for a box of 20.  I have $2.50/1 coupons from the Sunday Inserts.  If you buy 8 it gets you to about $32.  MINUS 8  $2.50/1 coupons EQUALS $12.  MINUS $10 catalina from previous purchase EQUALS about $2 OOP!  Then, you get the $10 catalina back! 

Capri Suns – are on sale for $1.99ea.  If you buy 16 = $31.84  MINUS 16 $1/1 coupons from the Sunday insert EQUALS $15.84.  MINUS $10 catalina from previous LW transaction EQUALS $5.84.  AND, you get the $10 LW catalina at the end of your purchase!  That makes each CAPRI SUN something like $.04!!  How could you pass that UP!!!

Ok, that is it for now!  HAPPY SHOPPING!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Randall’s Living Well Scenario

Shellie over at Saving with Shellie shared this scenario for the current Living Well Promotion at Randalls.  What I like best is that this scenario can be done by using printables.  As long as you have a printer, you are good to go!  It is great for newbies starting out that might not have a binder full of coupons to access to get great deals!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’

4/26 Red Plum / SmartSource

Jenny over at Southern Savers has compiled this list. It is great to preview the inserts to decide how many papers you will need for this coming week!

May your day be Just Frugalicious

Building our meals using our stockpile.

After shopping as ‘extreme couponers’ the past several months, we have developed quite a large stockpile of many pantry and freezer items.  I thought it was funny last night when I was making dinner.


Pork Chops (from butchering back home – we did a whole pig for $150)

Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing / Marinade  (Marinade for Pork Chops – Free at Randalls + overage – during a promotion a few weeks ago)

Knorr Creamy Rice (Cheap at Randalls – several weeks ago – I think it was less than $.50)

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (Moneymaker at Kroger a while back)

Green Beans (Free at Kroger a while back)

I just sorta looked at the table in delight – knowing that we were feeding a family of 5 for pennies per person!!

The key to this is to stockpile when cheap or free – then plan your meals accordingly!!

Guess what I had for lunch today??  That is right – a pork chop sandwich – and Mac & Cheese (moneymaker at Target!)

Do you have a MEAL that made you proud??  Be sure to post a comment so we can enjoy your success with you!!

May your day be Just Frugalicious

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day …. More Promotions

 Click here if you haven’t had enough of all the FREEBIES / PROMOTIONS for Earth Day!  (Thanks, Chad for sharing)

There are a ton on here…..  Happy Hunting!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kroger trip with a newbie (newer than me!)!

Ok, my good friend Brandy wanted a lesson in couponing.  Here is the story……

I picked up the kiddos from school this afternoon and had about 20 minutes to burn between the pickup and the doctor’s office (we thought Evan had an ear infection — $25 later – we just realize is he spoiled and wants to be held all the time.

I called Brandy and let her know I was heading to Kroger.  It is Tuesday, the last day of the ‘sale week’ for Kroger – and I had coupons I needed to use.  Brandy said she would join me – we both chuckled at the thought of taking 6 kids into Kroger and using coupons!!

So, in we went!  It was such a great trip, I don’t think the kids even had time to do anything but hold on tight to the carts as we swept through and grabbed the items we needed!

Here is what I got:

6 – Pillsbury Brownie Mixes (on sale for $.99) / used .35/1 coupon  Thanks jane4girls!

12 – Huggies 40ct wipes (on sale for $.99) / used $1/1 coupon

1 – 4pack Angel Soft Toilet Paper (on sale for $.99) / used .50/1 coupon

3 – McCormick Seasonings (on sale for $.99) / used .50/1 coupon

3 – Barilla Spaghetti (on sale for $1.39) / used $.50/1 coupon

My total came to $1.05.  I paid for it using my Kroger gift card that I purchased the other day to get me to $75 so that I could use my $5 Boy Scouts coupon! 

Brandy walked away so exicted!  It was fun to see that and help her start to figure everything out!  I am happy that she is beginning to do this sorta crazy shopping!!  Good for you, Brandy!

May your day be Just Frugalicious

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dining Out Deals!

Before you go to dining out, consider these restaurants listed below.  By clicking these links (thanks, Chad for the heads up!), it takes you to a menu that you can print to take with you when you go to the respective dining establishment.  By taking the printed menu with you, you receive special pricing.  (The pricing is listed on the printed menu.)

Babin’s Seafood House

la grigllia restaurant 


Landry’s Seafood House

There are other restaurants listed here so be sure to check it out!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reynolds Wrap® Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum: Promotions

If you know me well, you know that I like my Reynolds Wrap!  I just saw a commercial on TV for this promotion the Reynolds Wrap is running on Earth Day.  You can download a rebate for a FREE roll of their new Recycled Aluminum Foil.

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red Plum Smart Source 4/19 preview

Jennie over at Southern Savers has compiled this list.  It is great to preview the inserts to decide how many papers you will need for this coming week!

May your day be ‘Just Frugalicious’

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walgreens Run tonight

Ok, I did a Walgreens Run without the kids!!  I felt so alone!  But, I am so glad I was alone – because it turned into a long trip.  First, I stopped at the one close to my house….they were out of nearly everything I had on my list.  I almost went home, but then I headed down to the next on down the road! 

Here is what I found:

6 – degree deoderants (clearanced to $1.09 & $1.29) Used 6 – $.75/1 printables and got $6 back!  Thanks to Common Sense with Money for letting us know about that deal!

Bic Soleil Razors and refill cartridges are clearanced to $1.74.   Go Here to print $2/1 coupons!   Go fast – these won’t be around long at this price!  THANKS, ZM!

Scuncci Ponytail holder 18 pack ($2 get $2 RR back)

Chapstick True Shimmer Lip Balm ($1.99 get $2 RR back)

Edge Shaving Cream ($2.99 get $3 RR back)

I started the week off with about $26 on a Walgreens Gift Card from my Mail in Rebates last month.  I have now used that up and have $35 in RRs to ROLL!!!

So, now I just have to find out what I need next!

Finding these great deals gets even better when we share them with our friends!!  If you have found a deal this week and want to share it with us, be sure to post a comment we would love to share in your joy!

May your day be Just Frugalicious!

Preparing for Randall’s makes my head hurt!

I am dragging my feet to prepare for the Randall’s deal, because quite frankly, it makes my head hurt!  I will let you know how it goes, as I am planning on heading there tomorrow!

I do have to tell you that I went a couple days ago and got the C&H Sugar (4lb bags were 2/$3)  I had .35/1 coupons……so, for a bag of sugar it was .45!  So, of course I had three kids with me …… and everything was a little crazy……I messed up when checking out thinking I was at Kroger (I guess it has been so long since I did a good trip there that my body is missing Kroger)!  Anyway, I grouped my like coupons in qtys of three!  OOPS!!!  Randalls only triples ONE like coupon in a single transaction.  I messed up!  I almost walked away, thinking, heck I paid for this with a Gift Card that Randalls so generously gave me for filling a RX there…..but, on our way out the door there was an employee nametag on the ground.  I had Aubrey pick it up…..I couldn’t bend over that far because I had Evan (22lbs) strapped to my front!……  We took the found nametag back to Customer Service.  I figured while I was there I would let them know that I screwed up my coupons.  The guy said, no problem.  Let me fix that for you!!  I almost fell over!  He gave me $4.20 back in cash!  I ended up spending about $3.00 for 6 bags of sugar, 2 small pkgs of lipton tea bags, and 4 dial hand soaps!!! 

I love this game!!

May your day be Just Frugalicious

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tax Day (4/15) Deals

Go here to check out the list that the girls over at Common Sense with Money have compiled to help us all feel a little bit better on the dreaded April 15th! 

Thanks, ladies for compiling the list!  I might treat myself to some Cinnabon that day!!  YIPPEE!!

May your day be Just Frugalicious!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walgreens Run Today

I had three $3.00 RRs that were going to expire today.  So, because I hadn’t taken time this past week to head to Walgreens — we had to run to do a quick run today….

Here is what I did:

Go here to print a $1/1 MaxFresh OR MaxWhite Toothbrush Coupon.  You will need to sign in OR create a new account.  Each computer prints a max of two of each coupon.  Both of these toothbrushes are on special this week at Walgreens – the offer is $3.29 get $3.50 back in RR.  Thanks Common Sense with Money for the coupon link!

You make $1.21 per toothbrush purchased when you use the coupon!

Also, their Scuncci pony tail holder 18pack are on sale for $2.00.  You get a $2 RR back. (These weren’t signed at my Walgreens – but they are in the flyer and rang up just fine!)

Well, I had my gift card from my last Mail In Rebates that I did with Walgreens last month.

I used my RRs and my gift card to do several of these transactions.  I rolled my Mail In Rebate $$’s into RR’s and got toothbrushes and ponytail holders!  Now I have RR’s that I can use to get more goodies!  I just need to take the time to look thru everything else they have this week!

Remember – if you do multiple of these deals – you can’t use a RR from a toothbrush deal to pay for another toothbrush deal.  If you do, the next RR won’t print. 

May your day be Just Frugalicious!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

So proud!

We took a family adventure yesterday.  We went to Brenham to snap some more pictures of the kiddos in the bluebonnets…..then we road tripped to College Station and stayed there for the night.  We went to the Ringling Barnum and Bailey Circus last night and the kids enjoyed it so much!

Chad went to the box office to purchase the tickets while I sat in the truck with the kids.  He came back with a smile on his face.  He proceeded to tell me that the lady standing beside him asked him if he wanted a coupon!  He accepted.  We got the $15 tickets for $10 each!  Chad saved us $20 last night!  We had really good seats and enjoyed ourselves!!

May your day be Just Frugalicious!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Did you email me yesterday?

Our EMAIL server was going all kinds of nuts yesterday.  It rejected emails most of the day that were sent to us.  So, if you emailed me directly yesterday…….I probably didn’t get it!  Just FYI.  

May your day be Just Frugalicious!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bella rocked at Kroger last week!

Check this out! The only reason I ran to Kroger last week was for Pillsbury!  Bella found other goodies and saved a bunch!  She is a Katy local and was the winner of my Garnier giveway a while back!  Great job, Bella!

May your day be Just Frugalicious!

ConAgra Coupon Book/Free Bottle of Ketchup

Go here to sign up to receive a free coupon book AND an option to get more info about ConAgras promos/producst. And, you get a coupon for a free bottle of ketchup!

And, go here for a Mail In Coupon Form to receive $34 in Coupon Savings!

Thanks, Angie, my sister-in-law & coupon mentor for the link!!

May your day be just frugalicious!

WalMart Run

We did a WalMart Run tonight….only because I desperately needed an oil change for my vehicle. I also had heard of a few things that were deemed ‘free’ this week so, off I went!

Good gravy – do you know that my oil change and oil filter were $49.00!!! YIKES!!! What ever happened to the $19.99 Oil Change of the past??

While waiting for the car to get done, we grabbed a few things…..I price matched Blue Bell Ice Cream and used the $1/1 coupon from Blue Bell a while back. The end price for the ice cream was $1.99 per tub!! (sorry to rub it in, Erin!) The site is currently under construction – so be sure to check it out often, I hope that once they launch the new site they will be offering some special offers!

I also got the OLAY 2-pack bar soaps. The shelf price was $2.48. My coupon from the P&E Insert was $2/1. I had 8 coupons and tried to use them in the same transaction. I was denied because the coupon stated “one per purchase”. The cashier only let me use one coupon. I asked for the soaps back and told him that I would do the transaction a couple more times before I left the store. He suggested that I try self-checkout to be able to do them all in one transaction! And, YEP it worked! The 2-bar packs ended up being $.48 each.

I also got 3 packages of NO NONSENSE pantyhose. They are, I am certain, really CHEAP hose….The shelf price was $1 – my coupon was $1/1. So, they were FREE. My thought was that even if they are crap (and really, how could they not be), maybe we can use them for craft ideas this summer!

Other items I picked up were bananas (.48/lb) AND Popcorn Chicken & a Corndog – to keep the girls busy while we were in WalMart, 4 pkgs of bacon (2/$5 – Chad had requested it for dinner tonight!)

I scored some peelies, too! They were on the Rice Krispie Cereal boxes on an endcap. It was $1/1 package of marshmallows when you buy 1 package of Rice Krispies, Jumbo Krispies OR Frosted Krispies (11.2oz or larger)

I ended up spending (excluding the oil change) – close to $27 on my WalMart Run….. And, I guess that isn’t bad – considering $10 of that was bacon!

May your day be Just Frugalicious!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Up to $100 back for transferred RXs

Another RX deal! RiteAid is now offering up to $100 for transferred RXs! You can get $25 up to four times using the deal! If you have a RiteAid close to you, be sure to take advantage of this deal.

Thanks, Deann for sharing your find!

May your day be Just Frugalicious!

Sunday Run to CVS

I did a quick run to CVS yesterday.  I really didn’t “need” anything!  But, I had a $30 RX giftcard, Huggies coupons that were about to expire….and CVS was running their ‘Buy $25 in Huggies products get $10 ECBs’ deal.  So… I went…..with my 5yr old and 3yr old….

I ‘bought’ the Skintimate Shaving Cream first.

It is FREE once your ECBs print.  So, I paid $3.49 for it (using my RX giftcard) and got $3.49 back!


I ‘bought’ 1 jumbo pkg of Huggies Natural Fit diapers (had $3/1 coupon) and 2 pkgs of pullups (has 2 – $2/1 coupons)

Each package of diapers was $10 = $30.

-$7 in MFG Coupons = $23

-$3.49 ECB from first transaction = $19.51

-$5.00 ECB from the previous QTR earnings (I used the instore scanner/printer to get these prior to making my purchase) =$14.51

Used my RX gift card to pay and got $10 ECBs back!

So, ZERO OOP at CVS.  Thanks to the $30 gift card for transferring a RX to them!!  Thanks, CVS!

You may ask, “Your baby is only 8 months old….why are you buying pull ups????”  Well….I have to admit that I think that we are good on diapers until he starts potty training!  Ohhhhh…..How insane this coupon/stockpiling endeavor is!!!

May your day be Just Frugalicious!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Taking a Break

After the week at Randall’s last week AND working major overload early this week, I have taken a few days off from deal hunting.  My sister is in town and we have been spending some time together…..

I did hear that there are a lot of inserts in this coming Sunday’s paper!

So, you need to plan accordingly!

May your day be ‘just frugalicious’!