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“I started the day with  Walgreens coupons from transferring a RX last week. The RX was $10 and they gave me a $25 gift card! (I am smiling….)”

Join me as i post great coupons and deals from great sites , below are some deals I found for you to save some money on. Here are my thoughts of the week for you

Well, today was pretty neat at Walgreens. I knew I had an extremely busy week coming up and I didn’t want to take the chance of missing out of deals b/c of something being sold out…..so….here goes! I started the day with  Walgreens coupons from transferring a RX last week. The RX was $10 and they gave me a $25 gift card! (I am smiling….)

Anyway, I just wanted to see what I could do with it…..


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I went this AM as we were out on our errands (that trip is noted in my earlier post from today)  Then, I gathered up all my other coupons for the goodies I had on my list…..and this is what I ended up with on my second trip of the day…..
I took advantage of the Sambucol Flu and Cold deal. (used $4 coupon printable & $10 Easy Saver coupon) The shelf price was $12.99. I made $4.04 on that purchase. Blink Tears Drops (I had a $2 off coupons from the Red Plum today) — and they gave me $8 back in Register Rewards. I made $2.01 on each of those.

1 – Revlon Clippers ($2.49) and 2 – Emery Boards ($1.59)
I used $1.00 Walgreens Coupon & three $1 clipped coupons from the Sunday paper. I made $.33 on that purchase.

News : New Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

I had a raincheck from last night for the Reynolds Wrap ($.89 each). Just in case you didn’t think I had enough! I used 3 $1/1 coupons — they wouldn’t take the 4th coupon b/c of the overage. (That mistake cost me $.56 — crap! I should have just grabbed one more roll of Reynolds Wrap. I am still learning!!)

5 – Reach Dental Floss ($1.79)
I used the $.99 coupon from the Walgreens flyer this week & $1/1 Reach Floss clipped coupon.
I made $.05 on this.

2 – Colgate MAX Fresh ($3.49)
Used $1/printable coupon. Got $3.50 Register Reward back for each tube (Total $7 RR) I made
$2.02 on this.

2 – Colgate Total
I used $.99 coupon from the Walgreens flyer this week & $1/1 clipped coupon.

So, I started the day with a $25 gift card. I ended the day with $7.78 remaining balance on the gift card PLUS $31 in RR. So, I made $13.78 today! And got a bunch of stuff!

My plan is to use the $31 RR to purchase Huggies next week at Walgreens. The girls at http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com/ are reporting this:
The week of 3/8 there will be a Register rewards promotion at Walgreens: buy $25 in Huggies products and get $10 in Register Rewards back. The jumbo packs will be on sale for $10 each. With three of these coupons you can get three jumbo packs for $5 after coupons and register rewards!!

Frugalicious Finds!

We had Verizon Fios put into the house recently and OMG its super fast internet and a great entertainment package . Of course my first stop was a google to find the top deals and coupons and I came across this at MyDealsClub , Get $90 off Verizon Fios Deals , So if you are thinking of upgrading your internet , TV and phone then I would recommend fios and  see MyDealsClub for that great $ 90 deal

 Ok, so who would have ever known that if you put a little effort into your shopping trips, you could get a bunch of free stuff (and if it isn’t free it is darn close to it!).

I didn’t have a chance to do a picture this time, only because we were juggling three kiddos….and wanted to get the groceries put away fairly quickly!

I also saved 25% on this Portable charger for both iphone and android at Amazon , it holds a whopping 10000mah and charged my phone 3 to 4 times which is great ans at a great price, speaking of Amazon I recently found this cool facebook page for Amazon promo codes and deals , I recommend liking to get awesome deals sent over

I have depleted all but about $7 of my $100 budget for the week. But, I do have a $25 giftcard to Walgreens & CVS ECBs to get me by for the rest of the week.

I will post a wrap up of the total savings this week!

Here are our finds!


5 – Wrigley Gum Slimpacks
– free with coupon from last week’s paper

8 – Kotex 14 count
– used $1.00 off coupon from past Sunday papers

3 – Bags of Riceworks Chips
-used FREE printable coupon


2 – Venus Breeze Razors ($7.99 shelf price)
-used $3 Printable Target Coupon & $2 mfr coupon & got $5 Gift Card back!
MADE THEM $.49 each

6 – Renuzit Fabric Freshener Sprays ($1.92 shelf price)
-used $1.00 Printable Target Coupon & $1 mfr coupon from last week’s paper

3 – Kotex 16 count
2 – Kotex 64 count (both have a $2.94 shelf price)
-used $2.00 Printable Target Coupon & $1 mfr coupon from Sunday paper
MAKES A $.06 overage


The same old standbys!

7 – Cottonelle 4 – packs
-used $.50/1 four pack (makes them $.19 each)

6 – Johnson & Johnson Buddy Bar Soaps
-used $3/3 J&J Products (makes them $.09 each)

3 – Sausage Gravy (on sale 10/$10)
-used $1/1 coupon from past Sunday paper


1 – Blink Tears .5oz Drops
-used $1.50 printable coupon / got $8 RR

2 – Sambucol Cold & Flu
-used $4 printable coupon & $10 easysaver coupon

 Internet Security Deals

The last 12mths has been hard with all the wanna cry and internet cyber attacks so in this segment of the site we list out up to date articles and news for you to check out:

Frugalicious Tip of the Day…..

Did your momma ever tell you….”Just because we have it, doesn’t mean you have to use it all!” Hop on over to MyDealsClub for all the top coupons and deals for 700 plus stores ,great site I love it

Well, I was thinking the other day how when the shampoo bottle in the shower is just about gone….but you don’t want to drip across the bathroom floor to get a new bottle out of the cabinet….and you make due with the tiny bit that is left in the bottle…..and it works just fine!

I think that is the thought process we have to use each day — whether we are in the shower or not!

Just because we have 10 boxes of fruit gushers in the pantry doesn’t mean we have to eat a pack every 10 minutes! (Our girls love them.)

So, my message today is to practice control.

We are stockpiling for a reason. To save money. So….

Use in moderate proportions….that will make your dollar stretch just a bit further.

And, if it helps, stash your stockpile in a hidden location, so that little (or big) eyes don’t see just how many boxes of fruit gushers we do actually have……

May your night be just frugalicious!